At Cuming & Gillespie, we have 20 years of experience in navigating large Medical Malpractice lawsuits. However, cases involving medical negligence resulting in injury are often complex, time-consuming and unfortunately lengthy. This is in part because they are well-defended by insurers and medical organizations, the full extent of the injuries is not known until many years after the procedure in question occurred and the time it takes to coordinate and review expert medical analysis of a patient’s injuries. Because of this, we are selective in the cases we take on and will often only act for those who have suffered serious personal injury, loss, or death, caused by the fault of other professionals.

We start by assessing the severity of the injury. We will talk to you on the phone and possibly bring you into the office for a meeting. If your injury prevents you from travelling to our office, we can come to you. We will want to get a full picture of your current and past medical condition in order to present the best possible case.

Our next step will be ensuring your case is within a limitation period. This is usually within two years of the injury or when you became aware of the injury, but there are exceptions. Contacting our office as soon as you learn of your injury will ensure you are not prevented from getting the award you deserve. After this, we will do a preliminary review of your relevant medical records to determine the specific medical issues relevant to your case.

If decide to take on your case, we will enter into a contingency fee agreement with you. One of our lawyers will go over our fee agreement with you in clear and understandable language. From here, we will put all of our efforts towards getting you the best award for your injuries.

Throughout your case, we will review medical charts and may ask you very personal questions. Know that everything you say to us is and will remain confidential or “privileged.” Being honest and candid with us is essential to a strong medical malpractice case and getting you fairly compensated for your injuries. Contact us to determine whether we can help.

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