Do I have a medical malpractice case?
All cases are very fact specific. If you have a reason to believe a medical professional has caused you severe harm through their error or negligence, contact us to have a free, confidential consultation with one of our lawyers. Regardless of whether you hire us, everything you tell us during the free consultation will remain completely confidential.

Does Cumming & Gillespie only act for those Injured?
We act only for injured people and their families. We do not represent doctors, hospitals, insurance companies or any other large medical institutions. Having worked on the opposite side of medical associations and large insurance companies for over 20 years, we know their strategies and pressure-tactics. We will help you build the strongest case to ensure you’re on an even playing field against large, well-funded medical groups. Contact us to determine whether we can help.

How long can I wait after I have been injured?
There are time limits for starting lawsuits against doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals. Generally, you must file a lawsuit within two years of the date of your injury or the date you became aware of the injury. This means that in most cases, you must draft and file a Statement of Claim at the courthouse outlining your case before the two-year time limit is up. However, the two-year limit is a general rule and there are other exceptions for different circumstances. The limitation date differs for minors, such that they generally have 2 years from their 18th birthday. Contact Cuming & Gillespie as soon as you know of your injury to avoid any issues with limitation periods.

How much will it cost me?
We understand that for most people, it is financially difficult to pay a lawyer up front for their services. That’s why, with our firm, we do not require any retainer or other money up front. Our cases are taken on a contingency basis. If you hire our firm, we will spend time and money to investigate your injuries, order medical charts, find the best medical experts in North America and build your case to be ready for a trial or negotiated settlement.

We will not charge you any fees unless we are successful. One of our lawyers will discuss our fee structure with you and give you a clear, easy to understand outline of how it works before we proceed with your case. Contact us for more information regarding fees.

Informed Consent
Doctors are required to inform patients of all the risks regarding a medical procedure. This allows a patient to have the necessary information to decide whether to consent to the procedure or not. If a doctor fails to get informed consent from a patient, the doctor may be responsible for poor results of the procedure, even if they weren’t negligent during the procedure. To prove a lack of informed consent, it must be shown that a reasonable person with the patient’s particular knowledge and characteristics would refuse the procedure, had they been fully informed. If you or a loved one feels they were not fully informed before agreeing to a medical procedure that had negative outcomes, contact us to determine whether we can help.

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