Every doctor is held to a reasonable standard of care for doctors with similar qualifications. If a doctor who treated you does not meet this standard of care and causes you significant injury through error or negligence, a lawsuit may be warranted. Almost all doctors are insured by the Canadian Medical Protective Association (“CMPA”). The CMPA has vast resources that it uses to defend doctors zealously. This can make lawsuits against doctors arduous and lengthy. However, Cuming & Gillespie has over 20 years’ experience negotiating with lawyers from the CMPA. We will make sure you’re standing on an even footing in a case against the CMPA or any other large medical organization or insurer.

Like Doctors, Nurses must adhere to a reasonable standard of care. If the conduct of a nurse falls below this standard of care, a nurse can be sued for negligence. Unlike Doctors, Nurses are employees of the hospitals where they work. This means the hospital may be held vicariously liable for their actions. Much like the CMPA, hospitals are also well-funded organizations that are willing to litigate.
In order to succeed in a medical malpractice claim, you need to show that the care received from the doctor, health practitioner or hospital did not meet the standard of care expected. Furthermore, you need to show that this negligence or error caused you injury. Such claims can be difficult to prove and will almost always require the assistance of medical experts.

At Cuming & Gillespie, we have the legal expertise and contacts with the best medical experts to help you be fairly compensated for the injuries you’ve sustained and related losses you’ve suffered. Contact us to determine whether we can help.